The objectives of Lithuanian Society for the study of Religions (LSSR) are:

  • to bring together people, who research religious phenomena by using scientific methods;
  • to develop non-confessional research and studies of religions, to promote an academic honesty in these studies, while contributing to a formation of open society in Lithuania;
  • to introduce Lithuanian society with works of scholars, studying religions, and applied by them methods.

In pursuit of it’s objectives LSSR is to do the following:

  • collects and analyzes information about various religious phenomena;
  • organizes events, conferences, seminars, discussions, expeditions and other events in the field of research and studies of religions;
  • prepares and implements projects and programs in the field of research and studies of religion;
  • maintains contacts and cooperates with all organization in Lithuania whose activities are related to the analysis of religious phenomena, offers those organizations consultations and expertise;
  • maintains contacts and cooperates with foreign organizations for the study of religions;
  • releases publications, which reflect the objectives and activities of the organization;
  • LSSR can accept support according to the Law on Charity and Sponsorship of the Republic of Lithuania.

These objectives and activities are taken from the Statute of the Lithuanian Society for the Study of Religions, which has been approved by the general assembly of LSSR on June 6, 2011.