The Lithuanian Society for the Study of Religions (LSSR) is an academic organization established in 2001 and currently uniting more than 20 scholars and researchers engaging in research of various religions and religion-related phenomena. Being a community of researchers employing scientific methods and approaches, the LSSR aims to encourage non-confessional research and religious studies based on current internationally recognized theoretical approaches. Moreover, the LSSR also aims to spread scholars’ insights beyond the limits of academic community: to strengthen literacy of Lithuanian society in the area of religion and to encourage state institutions that deal with issues related to religion to employ insights of non-confessional research in their activities. By encouraging development of this research and its dissemination in public, the Society aims to contribute to the development of open society, religious tolerance and freedom in Lithuania.

To reach its aims, the LSSR engages in activities in several areas. The Society represents interests of non-confessional religious studies and researchers in Lithuanian academic institutions and science and education policy. As a member of main international organizations uniting researchers of religion, the LSSR represents the Lithuanian community of researchers of religion among other national associations of researchers of religion, initiates and collaborates in organizing international conferences of researchers of religion in Lithuania. Employing broad competence of its members, the LSSR issues expert opinions to state and other institutions and makes statements on religion-related issues. Finally, the Society organizes public lectures and discussions addressed to the society at large and aimed to inform it of research done by Lithuanian researchers of religion and to present academic commentaries on relevant recent events, emerging processes and issues of the day.